About Me….

Welcome to Lil’ Blonde Monsters: A New England based family and lifestyle blog that follows the titular monster, Lea and Zoe, on all their adventures. I’m Shannon, your blogger, and to pay some homage to John Cusack in High Fidelity, I will present my about me in a top ten list. Here is the top ten interesting facts about your blogger:


  1. I have been teaching English since 2006 at my old high school. I currently teach sophomores and developed my own elective: film studies, since I consider myself a mild cinephile.
  2. Speaking of John Cusack, on my first date with my husband we got burritos and then I forced him to watch Say Anything with me….If he had said he didn’t like it, no second date!
  3. I am a devout vegan and so is my hubby and the lil’ Monsters. No, I don’t miss meat and yes, I get enough protein.
  4. When I retire from teaching some day I want to pursue either lactation consultation or being a doula since natural birth is very important to me.
  5. I had both my babies with no drugs #notasbadastheytellyou
  6. My favorite vacation spot is water island on the US Virgin Islands. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone to the campgrounds there.
  7. I have a sick love of Broadway musical soundtracks and pride myself that my girls know most of the score of Legally Blonde and Newsies.
  8. The best book ever is hands down The Great Gatsby and I read it over and over every year. Leo made an awesome Gatsby in the newest film version.
  9. I can’t pick a favorite movie but I think Shawshank Redemption is pretty close to a perfect film.
  10. I love all things Disney! I would happily go to Disney World on every vacation.